Finding Your Nxt

Author: Cindy Carillo
Release Date:
August 29, 2023
Publisher: Nxt Publishing
Editor/Writer: Rick
Part in Collaboration: Coaching

When Cindy Carrillo was selling her company and someone asked what she was going to do next, she would jokingly respond, “I want to find a beautiful piece of land where I can spend my days looking out at a gorgeous view of the mountains from a comfortable rocking chair on a covered deck, wearing a really big hat.”

If she had only known how serious that “joke” really was. Her life was about to change forever—and for the better. It was time for her to find something more. It was time for her to step into her Nxt.

Change can be scary and personal transformation isn’t a joke, but it does require a sense of humor—and a careful and intentional approach, in order to achieve clarity.

In Finding Your Nxt, Cindy Carrillo outlines how she coaches clients from where they are now, into the Nxt big dream of their lives using her adventures of going from a CEO whose clients were Fortune 100 companies to a “ranch girl” capable of birthing baby goats in her lap.

And even if baby goats aren’t your thing, the lessons she learned along the way certainly will be. Want to know how to embrace your Nxt audacious life dream? Reading Finding Your Nxt is the place to begin.