Rick Killian

Lessons from a ghost . . .

Who wants to become a writer?
And why?
Because it’s the answer
to everything. . . .
It’s the streaming reason for living.
To note, to pin down, to build up,
to create, to be astonished at nothing,
to cherish the oddities,
to let nothing go down the drain,
to make something,
to make a great flower out of life,
even if it’s a cactus.

—Enid Bagnold
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You can only become truly accomplished
at something you love.
Don’t make money your goal.
Instead pursue the things you love doing
and then do them so well that
people can’t take their eyes off of you.

―Maya Angelou

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When I sit down to write a book,
I do not say to myself,
“I am going to produce
a work of art.” I write it
because there is some
lie that I want to expose,
some fact to which
I want to draw attention,
and my initial concern
is to get a hearing.

—George Orwell

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Intuition makes us look at
unrelated facts and then think
about them until they can all
be brought under one law. . . .
Intuition is the father of new
knowledge, while empiricism is
nothing but an accumulation of
old knowledge. Intuition,
not intellect, is
the “open sesame” of yourself.

—Albert Einstein

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