The Faith Code

Author: Terry Brisbane & Rusty Rueff
Release Date:
September 12, 2023
Publisher: Morehouse Publishing
Editor/Writer: Rick
Part in Collaboration: Coach/Editor/Writer

The Faith Code not only explores the integration of faith in our work, but in our routines, relationships, how we re-create, and how we care for ourselves in order to show up for others. It’s a book filled with sound principles and practical applications. A book for our times!”

—Scott Harrison,
Founder and CEO of charity: water
and New York Times bestselling author of Thirst

In an age when new ideas, trends, and innovations can alter the world overnight, knowing who we are spirit, soul, mind, and body is more essential than ever. In fact, without a connection to a higher power, many not only feel a deep sense of unease about a soulless future but also wonder: What values and beliefs we should be building our lives on? What should, and shouldn’t we, let change about what we believe and how we live?

A groundbreaking book that offers a unique antidote to the most urgent spiritual and cultural ailments of our time, The Faith Code is the product of nearly a decade of collaboration between a prominent pastor who resides in the heart of San Francisco Bay’s technology hub and a renowned Silicon Valley investor, leader, and philanthropist. By combining moral and ethical counsel with the pioneering tactics of entrepreneurship and community building, Terry Brisbane and Rusty Rueff have methodically distilled the essentials of what it takes to live a full life while simultaneously becoming citizens who contribute to the world around us.

From important matters of career and vocation advancement to the pillars of fulfilling relationships both at home and in our social circles, this trailblazing guide will give any reader the tools necessary to apply the time-tested wisdom of the gospel to the contemporary struggles of today. What results is a transformative journey with three different pathways interwoven together: being faith-driven, pursing personal improvement, and doing good, meaningful work.