I once stayed in a hotel, next door to a well-known writer.
He never talked about writing.
Each night I heard his typewriter,
hour after hour,
past midnight.
Everyone else in the hotel was asleep.
The sound of that machine reminds me, still,
that what writers do is write.

—Richard Bach

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Flip Your Writing Switch

Flip Your Writing Switch

There is writing, and there is not writing. —David Morley I wanted to share this podcast from the Warwick “Writing Challenges,” because I believe it helps clarify the exact challenge that derails most writers the most often: our inability to sit down and get into the...

[What is the secret to successful writing?]
All three. Forever and ad nauseous. And then some more.

—Joe Gores

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Well begun is half done

Well begun is half done

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one story of a writer who went away to the mountains (or the beach or something like that) for a number of days (a week or a month or whatever) and wrote their latest book. Ads are all over the Internet for “How to write a book in 28...