City on Our Knees

Release Date: September 1, 2010
Publisher: Bethany House Publishing
Editor/Writer: Rick
Part in Collaboration: I ghostwrote this book with Todd Hafer

Based on the hit song, “City on Our Knees” by Toby Mac, this book is a collection of stories that illustrate the power of prayer throughout history. Though the stories that Todd and I wrote are all mixed up in the book (Todd took the lead on the organization and final manuscript editing), the rule of thumb is that I contributed most of the historic stories and Todd did most of the contemporary ones. I was also able to include a couple of testimonies from some amazing friends of mine, Jimmy and Carrie Lakey, who founded River’s Promise, an organization to help orphans and the neediest in Rwanda; and Brad and Julie Riley, who founded iEmpathize to combat modern-day sex trafficking. Todd and I were friends before the project started and it was great to get to work with him on it as well as my friend and former colleague at Albury Publishing, Pat Judd. (Pat was the one who kind of brought the entire project together.)

it was also a blast to spend time with Toby and his agent, Dan Pitts, to talk through the concept and some of the stories for the book. It’s always fun to rub elbows with other really creative people.