Rick Killian

Lessons from a ghost . . .

It’s a great lesson
about not being
too precious about
your writing. . . .
You can’t be that kid 
standing at the top of
the waterslide,
overthinking it. . . .
You have to let people
see what you wrote.
―Tina Fey

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I write to give myself strength.
I write to be the characters
I am not. I write to explore all
of the things I am afraid of.

—Joss Whedon

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Once when I was flying to Dallas with Zig Ziglar, he asked if I ever received letters from people thanking me. When I acknowledged that I did, he asked, “When you get those letters, what do people thank you for?” I had never really thought about that before, but the answer was clear. People almost always said thanks for a book I had written or some other resource I had provided. 
“It’s the same for me,” Zig said. “Isn’t that interesting? You and I are known for being speakers, but that’s not what prompts people to write.”

—John Maxwell

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Carve out a regular
“writing time” and
don’t make excuses.
If you can’t commit 
to your own writing,
why should anyone
else commit to it?

—Val McDermid

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Don’t rewrite as you
go. Don’t try to make
your first chapters
perfect. If you come
to a scene where you
don’t know what
underwear looks 
like, don’t stop
and research 
Just write 
‘underwear here.’ 
The second draft 
is filling in 
those holes.
—Laurell K. Hamilton

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Find your best time
of the day for writing
and write. Don’t let
anything else 
interfere. Afterwards
it won’t matter to 
you that the
kitchen is a mess.

—Esther Freud

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Almost all good 
writing begins
with terrible 
first efforts.
You need to 
start somewhere.

—Anne Lamott

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