Rick Killian

Lessons from a ghost . . .

Intuition makes us look at
unrelated facts and then think
about them until they can all
be brought under one law. . . .
Intuition is the father of new
knowledge, while empiricism is
nothing but an accumulation of
old knowledge. Intuition,
not intellect, is
the “open sesame” of yourself.

—Albert Einstein

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Get Your Book’s Audience Right

Get Your Book’s Audience Right

If you are someone with a message—whether for your business, nonprofit, ministry, agency, political candidate, speaker, journalist, etc.—something inside of you is probably telling you to write a book. And the truth of the matter is, writing a book is a powerful,...

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Don’t try to figure out what other
people want to hear from you;
figure out what you have to say.
It’s the one and only thing
you have to offer.

—Barbara Kingsolver

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The Christmas Trap (Part Four)

The Christmas Trap (Part Four)

[Part three of a four-part story for Christmas. In case you missed it, here is part one.] That Christmas Eve, things went as usual. They had a nice dinner and then went to the service at church. The entire sanctuary was lit only by candles, except for the stage where...

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Just you write the book you want to write and if you write it with enough passion and enough skill, maybe other people will want to read it too. 

—Emma Donoghue,
The 10-Minute Writer’s Workshop

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The Christmas Trap (Part Three)

The Christmas Trap (Part Three)

[Part three of a four part story for Christmas. In case you missed it, here is part one.] The next day was the last of kindergarten before winter break. Jeremy felt as if the entire year had built up to this day and he was so excited he couldn't get his socks to...

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I hate to write.
I love having written.

—Dorothy Parker

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