The Conscious Professional

Author: Jessica Hartung
Release Date: January 12, 2019
Publisher: Treelight Productions 
Editor/Writer: Rick
Part in Collaboration: coaching/developmental edit

It’s time for a more conscious approach to work. Every day, in offices around the world, people long for a fulfilling career that makes a positive difference. Purpose-driven professionals struggle to connect the dots between what they do every day and the larger impact they want to make in life. If that describes you, no matter the type of organization you work for or your role in it, you can begin growing toward that kind of influence. You can take charge of your day-to-day experiences and radically transform your life at work—all by learning to leverage daily opportunities to grow yourself into the type of leader that initiates small but unstoppable ripples of change and improvement. When competence is honed with conviction, mountains move.

In The Conscious Professional, Jessica Hartung outlines the micro-identity shifts that turn work into a learning laboratory. The next great change in work will not be a technological jump or an engagement initiative, but a leap in human mindfulness and communal collaboration, starting right where you are. The Conscious Professional teaches you how to grow yourself to be more influential, effective, and fulfilled by integrating who you really are, and what you value, into your professional life.

Jessica Hartung is on a mission to grow more ethical and self-aware leaders at work. In 1998 she founded Integrated Work, a consulting firm that provides top-notch leadership development solutions where leaders grow collectively—in peer groups and functional teams—while advancing their most important business objectives. She has coached hundreds of mission-driven professionals with practical strategies to deliberately grow the skillsets and mindsets to become the leaders their purposes need.


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January 12, 2019